Lucienne Spencer

postdoctoral researcher in mental health ethics at the university of oxford

I'm a Postdoctoral Researcher in Mental Health Ethics located within the Neuroscience, Ethics and

Society (NEUROSEC) Team in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford.

My research primarily focuses on phenomenology, epistemic injustice and the philosophy of psychiatry.

I completed my SWW-DTP funded PhD in Philosophy at the University of Bristol in 2021. I was supervised by Prof. Havi Carel and Dr. Lisa El Refaie. My thesis is entitled 'Breaking the Silence: a Phenomenological Account of Epistemic Injustice and its Role in Psychiatry. I passed my viva with no corrections (woohoo!).

I'm also a member of the executive committee for the Society for Women in Philosophy, UK.

Blog Posts

o Spencer, L. (2023) Intersectionality in Phenomenological Psychopathology- Imperfect Cognitions, 21 March. .

o Spencer, L.J. (2022) “How do we account for gender differences in psychopathology?” thinkful, 18 August.

o Spencer, L.J. (2021) “Isn't Everyone A Little OCD?,” Imperfect Cognitions, 5 October.

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